SoleCare for Souls (SoleCare) began with a vision placed in the heart of one woman, in October 2005. That vision became reality in May 2006 when Kathy Jo began providing free medical foot care at one location in south Minneapolis. In November 2007, SoleCare grew to include a second location and now has a team of foot care providers and assistants giving foot care at various locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. SoleCare became a 501(c)3 non-profit business in September 2008, making all contributions to the program tax deductible.

SoleCare promotes health and hope through provision of free medical foot care for people experiencing homelessness and/or living in under-resourced conditions. SoleCare is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which depends on medical and lay volunteers to provide the SoleCare service at many locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

All volunteers at SoleCare are Christ followers and are the heartbeat of the program. SoleCare consists of a foot soak and having a medically licensed professional provide medical care for the feet. Our providers trim nails, reduce corns/calluses, diagnose and treat common foot disease and provide foot massage for the clients; and at the end of a client's care session, a new pair of socks is always given.

Soul care is equally important in the care of our clients. All volunteers, whether providers or assistants, are vital in providing hope. During a client's foot care session, we engage them in conversation, offer a non-judgmental listening ear, encouragement, support and prayer. Check out how you can get involved!

SoleCare offers care at various locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that operate on different days and times. You can check out our most current listing of sites, days and times using this link.