Register for the Walk-A-Thon

The Walk-A-Thon is all done this year but as soon as we have information about 2017’s Walk-A-Thon, we will post that here for everyone to save the date!

Thank you for your interest in joining the SoleCare Ninth Annual Walk-A-Thon!

Find all the info you need for the walk by downloading the Walker’s Packet

The Walk will be at Central Park in Maple Grove.

After you register, you will also receive the Walker’s Packet link in your email along with a link to the Sponsor a Walker page which you can send on to friends and family when you ask them to support you for the walk. If you’ve already received the email and just need the Sponsor a Walker link, it is

Before creating your own personal fundraising page, you will need to either create an account on our site or login.

Please note that participants can register multiple walkers using the same email address. However, only one login account and one sponsorship page can be created on the site with the same email address. If you would like to fundraise for more than one person, you can title your page so people know it’s for a group – such as “The Jones Family” or “Jones Family SoleCare Walker Team”.

Register Here